Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Insurmountable they seem, yet they are ours: Our problems.

Ah.. work is taking its toll on me. But I guess we all reach that point sometimes in our lives... unless you're a rich-ass douche prince; yet I suppose he too must reach a point whence he finds life hard.

I recently read a quote which goes: "If a group of random people were to come into a room and dump all their problems on the floor, each would run back to gather their own so fast when they'll look at what others have." I do not know how far this is true (and i feel it is highly debatable), but in my opinion, it just means we all have our own problem, and deep down, we all know how to deal with them ourselves - even though they might seem insurmountable at first.

I will give it a rest here for now. My shortest blog post so far, after almost a year's time.

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