Monday, 11 February 2013

Interpretation of social non-conformity using floating rocks and cubes

At one end of the rule, a couple of rocks are floating in nothingness (albeit 'nothingness' IS questionable). Half-way through, there is activity, loads of them: drama, tragedy, romance, cold, awesomeness, warmth... I could empty my dictionary of adjectives here. At the other extreme, we find the same emptiness again: a couple of funny structures floating around while visibly nothing holding them together. animated floating atom-like structures

Yet, we live like those two extremes depend on us to survive. They have seen millenias and we mere dozen of years. But we cannot even bring ourselves to live peacefully. One could moot that what we need is, civilisation, culture, order, justice, and ultimately peace. In my opinion, screw all that! Seriously, that is what screws us all.

Am I promoting anti-conformism? Yes, and No. To be a 'conformist' you have to be aware of the rules - what if you were not even aware of those rules, who would you be? My answer is: You. Yes, I know there are plenty of question marks here. I am basically promoting anarchy according to some. I believe that all the frustration that arises from living in a 'civilised', 'well-behaved' society stems from the fact that people feel obligated to abide by those norms - norms that have been dictated by humans over the years (Let's not get into the God business here).

Anyway, let's get back to our sheep (literal translation of a French expression.. jot it down :P) - I kind of get side-tracked easily, if you hadn't noticed. I was going on about floating rocks, and how our lives are insignificant relative to them. However, WE are the center of our lives. Everyone lives in his/her own universe. No one sees the world in exactly the same way. That is the beauty of it. Yet, all our worlds are linked together. There is a co-dependency that lives. In my world, Ju usually acts like this. In Lu's world, Ju is seen as a different person entirely. Yet, Ju acts the same way with both me and Lu. Hence, why the non-conformity in our point of view?

People understand/view other people, other situations with respect to their own backgrounds, to their own logic - way of thinking. I doubt anyone can claim otherwise (if you do, the comment section is below). I'll take an example: a red cube 30cm high. Two pairs of eyes seeing that same object would not make the same associations with it. (This realisation dawned upon me during last week's meditation session with the group actually; but let us not get lost into these details for now. Focus! Focus!).
red cube with off-white background

My Cube
Hmm.. it looks kinda heavy. What could be inside of it? If it's not hollow, I could sit on it. I'll have a larger version of it in my living room, everyone would sit on cubes. Oh. I remember! There is this jelly thing they put inside - 'jelly-like' furniture. It kind of has a cubic shape, but with your weight on it, it sinks in to become a chair-like stationary. Not bad. Maybe I could use that in my home someday - I'll have a choose a pretty modern style deco for the home then. Dark purple would be a nice colour for it!
Anyway, furniture aside, what else about this red cube right here.. and.. what if I made all the furniture in my house in cubic fashion! That would be out-of-this-world! definitely! Ah.. I'm still stuck to the furniture idea I think.
A website! When you scrolled, it would seem like a dice rolling over. Each side would be a page. That's bad-ass! Fat chance it would make it to the 'amazing scrolling effects' a blog post I was reading recently.

Another person's Cube
Well, I'm in no position to answer that. I'll just be giving my opinion all over again. But how about you? Leave me a thought of what comes to your mind when you think of a small red cube.

Notice how I wandered totally off topic at some point. *sigh*


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