Friday, 25 January 2013

Self-interview of an ages old lacto-vegetarian

I'm a lacto-vegetarian.
Oooh! that green hippy eats grass!!
dilo lor brede songe picture
You probably thought that and, that's the kind of reaction I'm used to. It would honestly be stupid to get flustered by such comments every single time. One cannot change other people's minds so easily. So, you just let it slide after some time: like "dilo lor brede songe" - a Mauritian creole expression which refers to the way Colocasia leaves are impermeable to water. (for some of you ignorant child: Yes! it's humanly consumable!)
Well, I'm not here to whine or brag about the advantages/disadvantages of being vegetarian; there are plenty of other websites which are real good at that. With a good dozen of years experience under my account, I think I qualify to give a good 'veteran' opinion on the matter.

Why veg?
Because.. because I care for pretty little cows, chicken, and cute lambs, and wouldn't want to hurt them *puppy eyes* yeah, right! It's simply because I like to be. Me being veg won't stop those countless meat factories from killing any less.

What brought me to to this 'boring' lifestyle?
At first, it started with my parents, and it slowly seeped in in the family. I was not forced to.

Don't I get urges for meat when I see people all around biting on delicious KFC or McDonald burgers?
No. In Korea, eating living squids is considered 'de la haute cuisine' - high class gastronomy, but that does not tempt most people. Neither do finger-licking good snails from renown french restaurants.

If I have the choice, why do I remain vegan?
I do not see the point of not being vegan anymore. Besides, I've been veg for so long that it'd be a waste to stop now. I'm healthy, fit and got no deficiency of any sort (those doctors that claim otherwise need to have their textbooks checked). Well, I kind of lack fat, but that is because of my relatively extensive physical activities. And to be honest, the way I see some people crave for meat makes me glad I'm not one of them - meat zombies!

Does it bother me when people all around me are devouring their chicken wings?
Nope. Vegans that claim that the smell/sight/touch of meat is disgusting have some psychology issues. I've been to popular 'meat joints' and tried their veggy meals: KFC, McDonalds, Steers, Burger King. (KFC's sucks) I've even helped in making barbecues at friends' place; it has never really been an issue.

Do my friends try to pressure me to eat or taste meat?
They do. Some find it difficult to even consider living without meat. Others are in denial that people can live differently than them: 'I NEED meat!' The "Need" of something, that's another topic that I need to blog about (remind me!)

In my own experience, has it been bothersome to be a veggieman?
It is sometimes. After so long, my digestive system does not support non-vegetarian food well anymore, especially eggs. Hence, I have to be careful when trying new stuff: gotta read ingredients in the supermarket. And in parties, sometimes the only non-meat I'll find is salad. If I do happen to unknowingly have meat stuff down my throat, after a few hours, I feel something similar to a hangover: urges to spit (the way you feel before vomitting), headache (especially the frontal lobe), sluggishness, weird stomach movements. The worst thing about that feeling of 'going-to' vomit, is that you don't actually do it and get it over with. Usually, a night sleep or loads of water, and a nice shower helps immensely.

Oh.. and I must add: I love milk! Why the prejudice with milk? Well, it all stems from man's amazement and idolization of boobs. Boobs are sacred. Milk comes from boobs. Hence, milk is sacred! yeah, I'm a preposition specialist! (or not). 2018 Update: I am trying non-boob milk and it's good too.

Well, thank me very much for my time. If anyone else has any question to add, they're more than welcomed. But if you're here for vegan-bashing, pressing 'Ctrl+W" will take you to a page where your comments are not moderated. A troll heaven, right?


  1. You're such a milk junkie! You didn't talk bout that one enough.

  2. To be honest, our digestive systems were not originally meant to deal with meat therefore your diet is the original one! It is also important for us carnivores to make the right balance, too meat is not good! :D Might I add, it is live BABY squid that they eat :/ and as much as I love Korean food I can't ever eat it.... LOL Milk junkie!Seriously? O.o

  3. @Anjalee: I'll have to devote a whole blog post to that one :P
    @Yashweena: hmm... is k-food that repulsive en générale?? Although yes, our intestines are not wired(literally) to digest meat, we do have canine teeth which are present only in carnivorous animals. Yet, the link between canines and carnivores is but an assumption.
    And I kinda am a milk junkie, there aint a single day where i haven't had any dairy product. :$


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