Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The plague of bad thoughts and high expectations

In our every day lives, we're always out to control/to plan what happens from A to Z. We leave no room for randomness. (YES! this noob-face is finally talking about randomness) Little do we realise that, we CANNOT control all the factors in our lives, and even if we did, won't we get bored of it? Well, I would. From a spiritual perspective (because I do get spiritual... sometimes) and from what I've come across in my reads (The Dalai Lama's "how to discover yourself as you really are") "We always get what we ask for; it's a wonderful turn of events when something happens to us which we haven't brought upon ourselves."; or something along those lines. I'm not that good at remembering words by heart, unless it's a song's lyrics! :D

conversation with god book cover The secret book cover All I'm saying is nice to the ears: not planning, leaving it to randomness, be a hippy! I'd be lying if i said I don't make plans. I do. Loads of them actually. I learnt pretty early about the power of thoughts and visualisation and since then, I have been trying to implement it in my daily life. Big Thanks to Neale Walsch's "Conversations with God" series and Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" while I'm at it. But, the thing one has to be wary of is Expectations! They ruin even the most beautiful moments in our lives. Expecting what you have visualised or what thought you have sent to the universe to come true at a specific time kills the moment. It's either because you expected something amazing to happen, and something not-so-amazing happened instead, hence you fail to appreciate that moment for its worth. VCEFBSYDH2ZK
An example: you're low on cash, but always wanted to get a car: a nice old honda civic would do great. One day, out of the blue, you hear that you have won the first prize in a draw and would win a Ferrari!! Hell Yeah! You start making plans of what you're gonna do with that car! How you would show off in front of everyone! You're soaring high on your cloud right now!
But then, the very next day, it turns out you heard it wrong. You have actually won the 2nd price, an old honda civic. You're crushed! All those plans you made get spilled down the gutter! Your Expectations ruined the moment you actually got the car you've always planned for.

Anyway, let's get back to where we were: thoughts and visualisations. Once you grasp that notion, happiness would always be within your reach: What you want, wish for or even long for. But there also is the fact that what you want NOW, may not be what you will want when those events would actually unfold. Let's take another simple example (i like examples ^_^): A man wants a small cottage in the country side to live in peacefully, and always entertains that thought - empowers that thought. Eventually, he moves into the city, gets an amazing job, makes awesome new friends, and finds the love of his life. However, after some time, his job requires of him to move into a small cottage in the far-off countryside. He reluctantly does so, leaving his happy city life behind. This IS what he asked for, but it is not what he desires anymore.

jiddu krishnamurti quote about thoughtSo, what do I propose! Do use thoughts and imagination to visualise, they are powerful tools placed in your hands... or heads rather.
But do it mindfully. Think positive. Know that thoughts coupled with strong feelings channel even stronger energy: get a grip on your emotions. And lastly, don't do it often. Focus on the present that you're living, and make your thoughts stay with you in the present. Enjoy all the random unforeseen moments in your lives, those are usually the best ones... even if they might not look like so now...
They always make an awesome tale to tell! :)

On this note, Aloha beautiful people!


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